Counterattack from the Snow Man
Vital statistics
Giver Silver Cicada
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Snow Beast *40
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 10600 Experience
5300 Energy
32 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: Snow Man (quest)
Next: Collect Fur of Snow Beast

<Player name>, I am here waiting for you. How is the Snow Beast there. You have to be careful when you are fighting against them.

Silver Cicada

Quest DescriptionEdit

Since you fight against the Snow Man, which caused the they felt enmity towards you. Go to Ice Prick Forest to face the challenge from the more powerful Snow Beast.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Take care! I hope you can come back safely.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I don't think snow man will come to bother you again. That's cool.

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