Conspiracy in the Mercy Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Lady Fei
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Callet Head Young Stand-in
Kill Monk Yu De
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 8750 Experience
4375 Energy
27 Silver
Primary Energy Stone Primary Energy Stone (3)
Previous: Rattan Cave Adventure

According to my information, some evils gathering in the Mercy Temple, it's really necessary for us to check out what are they planning to do. And finally we know they are in a state of disunity. We could not get some more information about the Blood Master from them. You could take Monk Yu De and Callet Head Young as a practice. We may know some information from them.

Lady Fei

Quest DescriptionEdit

Head for Mercy Temple to stop the conspiracy there.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

They are hiding in the Mercy Temple, please take extra care. That's the nest of the evils.

Ask DialogueEdit

Please take care.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It seems we can't get some more useful information from these jackals. I would like to say thank you anyways. Thank you for helping me give up evil and return to good. Here is your reward, take it.

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