Consigned by the Presbyter
Consigned by the Presbyter map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Officer
Type Primary
Requirements Mane Mane *13
Level 12
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 3250 Experience
1625 Energy
10 Silver 14 Coin
Defensive torso by class
Redbud Dress Redbud Dress
Purple Crystal Cuirass Purple Crystal Cuirass
Next: Evil Tao He (quest)

We haven't haven a brave person like you for a long time. Congratulations, my friend. I have something to request you to do. Don't worry, It won't be too difficult for you. Just go to fetch some mane from some little wild mules.

Aborigine Officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Get some wild mule's mane for the aborigines' presbyters.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those wild mules are gentle. But you may enrage them if you want to pull out their mane.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you meet some difficulties? Or you want to give it up?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The mane is ok. Thank you.

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