Compress the Evil
Vital statistics
Giver Master Wooyin
Type Primary
Requirements Use Spirit Jade Bracelet Spirit Jade Bracelet
Location Thunder Ridge
Rewards 9800 Experience
4900 Energy
15 Silver 0 Coin
Previous: Mutual Force
Next: Counter-attack Thunder Ridge (1)

<Player name>, Wizard Liyu has enhanced a weapon to eliminate the dead soul. This weapon is the Spirit Jade Bracelet. Fierce Luo has sent many followers to guard there. Erratic Soul will come out fromthat place. So please go to destroy the energy source.

Master Wooyin

Quest DescriptionEdit

Use Spirit Jade Bracelet to destroy the energy source.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We must weaken Fierce Luo's power!

Ask DialogueEdit

What's the result?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, you have saved all of us.

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