Collect the Medicine Materials
Collect the Medicine Materials map
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Qi
Type Primary
Requirements Mushroom Venom Mushroom Venom *16
Level 20
Location Stone City
Rewards 5280 Experience
2640 Energy
16 Silver 32 Coin
Defensive cuff by class
Sky Thunder Cuff Sky Thunder Cuff
Night Hawk Cuff Night Hawk Cuff

A few days ago, Jade Master, who lives in the Jade Nunnery on the east mountain of Mushroom Village, took a wounded person to the Nunnery to treat his injury. She once said that the fluid of poison mushroom can be used to cure the wounded person. But she left hastily, and had no time to collect the fluid. There are a lot of poison mushrooms around the village. <Player name>, if you have time, you can help us to collect the fluid and send it to Jade Master. The master is a supermundane person. You can get many benefits if you have the chance to be taught by her.

Zhang Qi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect the fluid of poison mushroom for Jade Master. She will use it to make medicine.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go through the Mushroom Village, and go along the roads, then you can arrive at Jade Master's Nunnery.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Jade Master 
The kids in Mushroom Village still remember the thing happened last time? Thanks for your kindness. My friend can be saved since we have these materials.

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