Collect the Herbs
Vital statistics
Giver Lu Xiao
Type Primary
Requirements Darkness Valley Herb Darkness Valley Herb *5
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 975 Experience
488 Energy
3 Silver 15 Coin
Next: Lu Jin (quest)

Several Days ago, my father asked me to collect some herbs for Master Grandpa's holy-- white parrot. I have well prepared for the other medicinal materials. There leaves some herbs that only grow on the avenue. <Player name>, could you help me to pick some if you are free? After you have collected them, please send them to my mother Ugly Immortal who knows how to make up the liquid medicine.

Lu Xiao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Lu Xiao to collect the herbs on the avenue and send them to Lu Jin.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The herbs are scattered around the avenue. After you have finished, you can find my mother at the right side of the square.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Lu Jin:

All the medical materials are prepared. Now I can start to make up the liquid medicine.

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