Collect Celestial Pearls
Vital statistics
Giver Immortal Lee
Type Repeatable
per day
Requirements Celestial Pearl of One Star Celestial Pearl of One Star *20
Level 20
Location Stone City
Rewards 5000 Experience
50 Silver
Ice Moon Cake Ice Moon Cake

God benefits the world with all kinds of Celestial Pearls scattering here and there. These Celestial Pearls have huge power and serve as energy sources to confine devils. Only the lucky person can get them.

Immortal Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect Celestial Pearls and give them to Immortal Lee for rewards.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Wish you good luck!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you collected enough Celestial Pearls?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You are so lucky. Here is your reward.

See alsoEdit

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