Collect Bit of Water Kernel
Vital statistics
Giver Lady Cristina
Type Primary
Requirements Bit of Water Kernel Bit of Water Kernel *25
Location Stone City
Rewards Fighting Healing Potion Fighting Healing Potion
Kernel of Water Kernel of Water
Next: Extract Kernel of Fire

We've kept one Wilde Rabbit from Stone City North before, and found by chance that it had the power of Kernel of Water. We got it later that the Kernel of Water turned to the dew and nourish the land in that place, then the Wild Rabbits absorbed the power of kernel of Water through having eaten young grass there. As a result, the Kernel of Water formed the Bit of Water Kernel. Please collect enough Bit of Water Kernel for me.

Lady Cristina

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to Stone City North and collect some Bit of Water Kernels from those wild rabbits there for Lady Cristina.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I am waiting for your good news.

Ask DialogueEdit

I hope you did not get crazy by those naughty rabbits.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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