Cloud Crossbow Appears Again
Vital statistics
Giver Zhou Chun
Type Primary
Level 21
Location Stone City
Rewards 1700 Experience
850 Energy
5 Silver 10 Coin
Green Identity Gem Green Identity Gem
Small Ruby Small Ruby
Previous: Visit the Anchoret
Next: Thief in Green Bamboo Nunnery

My Taoist companion in Stone City wrote to me and told me that my enemy had arrived there, and was tracing me. I need my famous weapon Cloud Crossbow to fight against him. <Player name>, please go to Green Bamboo Nunnery which is at west door of Stone City to fetch it.

Zhou Chun

Quest DescriptionEdit

To fetch the Cloud Crossbow from the Taoist boy in Green Bamboo Nunnery.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go south after going out of west door of Stone City and walk along the canal in the bamboos and you can see the Nunnery.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Tao Novice:

Is Master Zhou ask you to come here? I always keep the Cloud Crossbow carefully. But some sneaky persons came here recently, I really worried about this...

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