Clear up the Laurel Wonderland
Vital statistics
Giver Reputation Merchant
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Glacier Silver Fox *8
Kill Ice Mirror Prentice *8
Kill Elite Machine Monster *8
Kill Elite Machine Giant *8
Kill Elite Peach Spirit *8
Kill Elite Meat Ganoderma *8
Kill Dank Poison Fly *8
Kill Poison Dragon Underling *8
Kill Ice Mirror Faerie
Kill Machine Master
Level 35
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 19600 Experience
3268 Energy
4000 Laurel Mountain reputation

Poison Dragon General and some other evil monsters are gathering in the Laurel Wonderland. They are planning to do some evil things. As the hope of the Laurel Mountain, I hope you, <Player name>, please get into the Laurel Wonderland to beat up those evils.

Reputation Merchant

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Reputation Merchant in Laurel Mountain clear the evil force in Laurel Wonderland.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

They are in a huge amount, please be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

<Player name>, go ahead!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

That's great. Now you are becoming more and more famous in Laurel Mountain.

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