Clear Spring Water
Vital statistics
Giver Nun Ding Hui
Type Primary
Requirements Filled Water Bottle Filled Water Bottle
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 325 Experience
162 Energy
1 Silver 5 Coin
Mana Potion Mana Potion lvl 1
Previous: Clean the Garden

The water in the Bright Spring is one of the treasures in Flowers Mountain. It is the magic air from the Bright Spring that make the mountain green all the year round. The water can make the plants flourish and also make the skin moisture. The sisters wash with it in ordinary time. There leaves a little spring water in my bottle, could you go to draw some for me?

Nun Ding Hui

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Nun Ding Hui to draw the water from the Bright Spring.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Don't lose the bottle I gave to you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! You have drawn so much! Haha, it may take me a long time to use it up. Thanks a lot!

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