Clean the Water
Vital statistics
Giver Fairy Prentice
Type Scenario
per day
Requirements Kill Little Water Eidolon *20
Kill Little Straw Monster *20
Kill Little Thunder Rattan *20
Kill Water Eidolon Major
Level 20
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 6480 Experience
5400 Energy
32 Silver 40 Coin
Next: Full Moon

There are some Evils animals in the Tide Cave, <Player name>, will you help me go to perish them?

Fairy Prentice

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Nun Ding Xu kill the evil animals in Tide Cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

They always gathering around. Take care.

Ask DialogueEdit

I think it's better if you find some friends to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

it's all your contribution. I would like to say thank you so much!

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