Clean the Happiness Hall
Vital statistics
Giver Fellow Liao Yi
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Buddhist Monk Purple Moon *1
Location Black Wind Camp Happiness Hall
Rewards 8200 Experience
4100 Energy
25 Silver 20 Coin
Talisman by class
Thunder Flash Bow Thunder Flash Bow
Hundred Fights Chain Simitar Hundred Fights Chain Simitar

Buddhist Monk Purple Moon is the most famous glaive man invited by evils. He is regarded as the leader of the persons in Mercy Temple. He is in the main hall of Happiness Hall. <Player name>, Mercy Temple will become peaceful again if you can defeat him.

Fellow Liao Yi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Buddhist Monk Purple Moon in Happiness Hall.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Watch the activities in the runways of both side during the fighting.

Ask DialogueEdit

You'd better ask someone to go with you. So you can take care of each other.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Buddhist Monk Purple Moon has run away. The supernatural beings win the battle. Mercy Temple becomes peaceful again.

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