Clean the Garden
Vital statistics
Giver Nun Ding Hui
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Straw Monster *10
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 600 Experience
300 Energy
1 Silver 80 Coin
Next: Clear Spring Water

Hello, <Player name>! Welcome to join Fairy. The news of your coming has spread in the Flowers Mountain. Although the Flowers Mountain is located at the edge of desert, it is moisture all the year round with the magic spring and is arounded by all kinds of rare flowers and beautiful bamboos. Most of our disciples are beautiful young ladies. The sisters here often go down the mountain to pick the flowers to decorate. However, they are harassed by the Straw Monster recently. Could you help us to give the beasts a lesson?

Nun Ding Hui

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Nun Ding Hui to clean the Straw Monster hiding down the mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful! We don't want you to be hurt.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you very much! Now the sisters can go to pick the flowers without worry.

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