Clean Up the Evil Monks
Vital statistics
Giver Reputation Merchant
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Elite Bandit *8
Kill Elite Mace Fatso *8
Kill Elite Blackshirt Bandit *8
Kill Elite Play Boy *8
Kill Elite Lecher *8
Kill Monk Mao Tai
Kill Fa-Yuan
Level 27
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 11400 Experience
1899 Energy
3000 Black Wind Camp reputation

Mercy Temple is not a easy place to get through, there is a secret dungeon behind the back yard of Mercy Temple. It is guarded by the Monk Soldiers. We are trying to find someone secretly get into the dungeon to perish the evil force. <Player name>, do you want to go?

Reputation Merchant

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Mercy Temple Reputation Merchant perish the evil force there.

Acceptance DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, Thank you very much. Your reputation increased! We all respect you now.

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