Clean Leud Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Zhou Chun
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Play Boy *30
Level 21
Location Stone City
Rewards 5100 Experience
2550 Energy
15 Silver 30 Coin
Previous: Visit the Anchoret
Next: Fight against Pink Butterfly
Visit the Temple
Nose for The News

Leud Temple is the place to sacrifice Zhu Ge Liang. But it was occupied by some Play Boys. The pilgrims are annoyed by them. <Player name>, please help me to perish them.

Zhou Chun

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the Play Boys in the Leud Temple.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those Play Boys are rich so they can have famous teacher to teach them gest. Don't regard them as ordinary persons.

Ask DialogueEdit

Don't be mercy to those Play Boys.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Emm! I think <Player name> will have a great future.

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