Chase Geezer (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Examinee Song
Type Primary
Location Stone City
Rewards 875 Experience (x3)
438 Energy (x3)
2 Silver 70 Coin (x3)
Previous: Nose for The News
Next: Distrustful Big Fellow

How aching my hands! Someone please come to save me. <Player name>, please help me. Please go to beg for leniencey for the old man who is drinking near the lake. Ask him to cure my hands.

Examinee Song

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beg for leniencey from the old short man for Examinee Song.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The old short man is hard to talk, for my hand please go beg him.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Chase Geezer:

You come to help that arrogant Examinee Song? Hehe,k I would haven't punished him if he was not so arrogant. According to what you said, he has learnt a good lesson. I will go to cure him.

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