Cause of Disease
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter Qiu
Type Primary
Requirements Four Leaf Red Lotus Four Leaf Red Lotus *20
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 10000 Experience
5000 Energy
15 Silver
Previous: Rescue Hunter Qiu
Next: Punish Cheater

I found some Blood Worms near the Ease Cloud Cave. I think they are the ones the bit my father, and they are guarding a plant called Four Leaf Red Lotus, which should be the antidote. If we can kill those worms and get the plant, my father will be cured. Would you please do me the favor?

Hunter Qiu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to kill Bloody Worm around the Ease Cloud Cave and collect Four Leaf Red Lotus for Hunter Qiu.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I will never forget your kindness!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you got it?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Millions of thanks!

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