Burn Mercy Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Sun Nan
Type Primary
Requirements Kindling (Hiding Bandit) Kindling *15
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 5700 Experience
2850 Energy
17 Silver 10 Coin

Many bandits hide in Mercy Temple. They are trained by Monk Zhi Tong to fight against supernatural beings. <Player name>, please go to Mercy Temple to defeat the bandits and get the kindling from them. Burn the Mow in the backyard. Then the enemies will be confused.

Sun Nan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Get the kindling from the bandits hiding in Mercy Temple. Burn the firewood to attract the enemy.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You must collect all the kindlings.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

This is the mow in Mercy Temple's backyard. We can leave after it is lit up.

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