Brothers' Reunion
Brothers Reunion map
Vital statistics
Giver Odd Fragment
Type Primary
Requirements Ginseng Ginseng
Location Thunder Ridge
Rewards 5100 Experience
2550 Energy
7 Silver 80 Coin
Previous: Soul Seal
Next: Last Apology

I have a brother named Wizard Liyu. He is in the Thunder Ridge now. My body has been transferred to Ginseng now. Please give the Ginseng to him. My horse will direct you.

Odd Fragment

Quest DescriptionEdit

Find Corpse of Quan and give carry it to Wizard Liyu.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Ginseng is just near around.


Follow the Pony up the hill to find the Ginseng. (-1599, 230)

Take it to Wizard Liyu in Beauty Village.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Wizard Liyu:

Really? It's my brother's corpse?

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