Brothers map
Vital statistics
Giver Little Tao Zhang
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Little Tiger *18
Level 17
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 4800 Experience
2400 Energy
14 Silver 40 Coin
Next: Quirky Squad

I'm Evil Taoist's Prentice. I know I did some bad things before. But what I didn't think is that my master caught my brother to enhance his talisman. Thoses little tigers are his accomplice and also his pet. Can you perish them for me?

Little Tao Zhang

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the little Taoist to perish the Little Tigers. They are on Wild Mule Slope.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I want to use these little tigers as the sacrifice for my younger brother.

Ask DialogueEdit

Thank you for helping me. Why are you still here? Do you have any trouble?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thanks. Evil Taoist, I'll kill you.

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