Brighten Tamer
Vital statistics
Giver White Parrot
Type Primary
Requirements Letter Letter
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 800 Experience
400 Energy
2 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: The Test of Tamer

Keke... It's the time for you to practice down the mountain. This is a letter left by the Tamer Tao Huang, please send it to an immortal tamer who lives in the Sand Village.

White Parrot

Quest DescriptionEdit

The white parrot asked you go to Sand Village, and pass a letter from Tamer Tao Huang to an Immortal Tamer there.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Walk through the forest and go forward, you can find Sand Village. There will be some birds and beasts on the way, you can try to catch them.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Immortal Tamer:

(This immortal looked you up and down}<Player name>, white parrot has told me the news of your coming with his internal power. I have to recognize that you are much stronger than I have thought. A series of strange things happened recently which testified the fact the that heathendom has recovered. ALthough Tamer always keeps neutral, this time we have to be involved in this battle. Just stroll around here, soon you will find the challenge before you.

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