Brigand Head Wanted
Brigand Head Wanted map
Vital statistics
Giver Auctioneer
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Brigand Head
Level 8
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1365 Experience
682 Energy
4 Silver 29 Coin
Previous: The Punishment on the Bandits

Those Brigands got together and occupied the mountain to robber the passers. They may become more aggressive if there is no one got to punish them. Capture the Brigand Head will coon be captured in all. <Player name>, we are relying on you to finish this task.


Quest DescriptionEdit

You must kill the Brigand Head if you want to terminate the criminals of the brigands.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You can find their Brigand Head on a small slope of South Wasteland.

Ask DialogueEdit

Brigand Head is very good at dart. You should be careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

These Brigand used to be forest outlaws on Cloud Mountain. They became destitute and homeless because of those snakes, so they are now brignds. I will talk to the villagers. If the Brigands agree to stop robbery and return all the property robbed by them, the villagers will accept them. The key is the snakes in Cloud Mountain. <Player name>, go to Cloud Mountain to have a look when you are free.

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