Break the Golden Silkworm
Vital statistics
Giver Sun Nan
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Poison Golden Silkworm
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 3700 Experience
1850 Energy
11 Silver 40 Coin

<Player name>, I just know that the Golden Silkworm Bewitch, which is practice by Green Robe Master, is in the woods at north of here. It is absorbing the numbus of the heaven. The Green Robe Master will be weakened if you can kill it.l Green Robe Master is the backup for Mercy Temple.

Sun Nan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down the Golden Silkworm Bewitch.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Golden Silkworm Bewitch will be weaker when it is having rest. But it is still very fierce. You should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

If you feel you are not powerful enough to deal with it, you can ask some one to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The Golden Silkworm is badly hurt. The Green Robe Master can't use it. Then we have more odds-on if we want to fight against Mercy Temple.

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