The Bow is a type of talisman for the tamer. It contains their Water skills.


Talismans become available for use based on character level.

Talisman Level Req
Quick Wind Bow Quick Wind Bow 1
Torrential Water Bow Torrential Water Bow 10
Burning Hot Bow Burning Hot Bow 20
Thunder Flash Bow Thunder Flash Bow 30
Dark Jade Bow Dark Jade Bow 40
Blood Diamond Bow Blood Diamond Bow 50
Frost Silver Bow Frost Silver Bow 60
First Gold Bow First Gold Bow 70


Skills are based on Talisman enhancement level.

Skill Level Req
Heavy Crack Heavy Crack 1
Rapid Crack Rapid Crack 1
Shadow Crack Shadow Crack 7
Thorn Crack Thorn Crack 15
Spiny Crack Spiny Crack 25


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