Blue Magic Bead (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Madam Golden Whisk
Type Primary
Requirements Exorcism Chip Exorcism Chip *20
Dark Bead Dark Bead *20
Cracked Buddha Bone Cracked Buddha Bone *20
Ice Rime Ice Rime *20
Beast Blood Beast Blood *20
Small Ruby Small Ruby
Level 48
Location Vast Mountain
Rewards 1 Gold 20 Silver
Blue Magic Bead Blue Magic Bead

<Player name>, you are the expected people to help me. I have been trying to refine a legendary magical item, but I need some materials for the last refining stage. Would you please collect them for me?

Madam Golden Whisk

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect the materials for Madam Golden Whisk to refine the Blue Magic Bead.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Ok, thanks a lot.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Blue Magic Bead was refined successfully finally, and I'd like to send one to you to express my thanks. But it only has half of the success rate because of my limited power. Please have a try.

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