Birth Gift
Vital statistics
Giver Talisman Fairy
Type Primary
Requirements Little Wild Boar * 1
Level 1
Location Green Scarp
Rewards Lucky Egg Lucky Egg
Previous: None
Next: Greedy Buddha Slave

Welcome to Talisman Online world! Here I have on lifelong gift for you. But first I must test whether you are qualified or not. Go to kill a Little Wild Boar to show me your power and talent.

Talisman Fairy

Quest DescriptionEdit

Demonstrate your power to Talisman Sprite, who has prepared a gift for you.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

That's easy, good luck!

Ask DialogueEdit

Not finished yet? They are in the south of Green Scarp.


Kill a Little Wild Boar.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good job! Accept this gift.

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