Bewitcher Cave

Bewitcher Cave map

Skull Herald
Entrance coordinates
(1394, -635)

Vast Mountain is located at the south of Stone City with thousands of trees and several kinds of caves. Evil forces have been oppressing the local villagers from White Bear Village. Since the righteous juntas exterminated the evil force of Fantasy Palace in Whorl Mountain, the remnants of defeated evil army retreated to Bewitcher Cave of Vast Mountain to seek protection. Vast mountain is covered with woods. Bewitcher Cave is in the deep of Ghost Din Woods. This time the righteous juntas will not allow any evils escape from the action.


Area Monster Name Level
Centipede Zone Wing Centipede 45
Evil Centipede 46
Four-hand Yaksha Countess 47
Man-eater Tribe Poleax Aborigine 46
Bow Aborigine 47
Viper War Giant 48
Bloodsucker Zone Poison Rattan 47
Bloodsucker 48
Bloodsucker Queen 49
Skull Tomb Fire Eye Skull 48
Sway Fire Elf 49
Blue Fire Whip Skeleton 49
Secret Cemetery Altar Guard 49
Gun Witch 50
Cemetery Guard 50
Blaze Skull Marshal 50

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