Beauty Village

Beauty Village map

25 - 30

Beauty Village is located to the west of Mercy Temple.

NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Beauty Village Blacksmith
Post Officer
Warehouse Man
Transport Fay
Elder Dong
Lady Zexan
Elder Qiu
Lantern Shopkeeper
Wizard Liyu
Orchard Farmer
Orchard Woman
Villager Lisan
Fir Woods Childe Tangz
Seven Swords Tomb Hunter Qiu
Soul of Wizard Liyu
Outer Ease Cloud Cave Hollow Swordsman


Area Monster Name Level
Beauty Village Trembling Beetle 27
Pheasant 27
Beauty Lake Water Devil 26
Fir Woods Strange Scorpion 26
Fir Woods Devil 27
Seven Swords Tomb Sword Soul Guard 28


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Appearance of ChiefPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuPunish CheaterGet Secret Golden Drug
Big Cavy (quest)PrimaryGranary Guard
Cause of DiseasePrimaryHunter QiuRescue Hunter QiuPunish Cheater
Collect Herbal MedicinePrimaryElder Dong
Collect Pole StonePrimaryWizard LiyuTrue or FalsePower of Pole Stone
Cure the SymptomsPrimaryElder DongStrange Scorpion in WoodsFavorable Turn
Disturbance of Water DevilPrimaryVillager LisanLair of Water Devil
Fat Chef's FavoritePrimaryFat ChefReconciliation
Father's SicknessPrimaryLady Zexan
Favorable TurnPrimaryLady ZexanCure the SymptomsHistory of Happy Powder
Find Bonnie's SisterPrimaryBonnieHide and Seek
Find TruthPrimaryLady ZexanHistory of Happy PowderToolbox of Hunter Qiu
Get Secret Golden DrugPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuAppearance of ChiefNature of Ice Fox Lady
Turn the Corner
GratitudePrimaryLantern ShopkeeperLost Hairpin
Harvest FruitsPrimaryOrchard Farmer
Hellfire VesselScenarioSoul of Wizard Liyu
Help Catch FishPrimaryVillager LisanFat Chef's Favorite
Hide and SeekPrimaryBonnieFind Bonnie's Sister
History of Happy PowderPrimaryWizard LiyuFavorable TurnFind Truth
Lair of Water DevilEliteVillager LisanDisturbance of Water Devil
Lost HairpinPrimaryRich ElderGratitude
Nature of the Ice Fox LadyEliteSoul of Wizard LiyuAppearance of ChiefSoul of Fox
Poisonous Bird (quest)ScenarioElder Dong
Power of Pole StonePrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuCollect Pole StoneRescue Hunter Qiu
Punish CheaterPrimaryHunter QiuCause of DiseaseAppearance of Chief
ReconciliationPrimaryFat ChefFat Chef's Favorite
Rescue Hunter QiuPrimaryHunter QiuPower of Pole StoneCause of Disease
Soul of FoxScenarioSoul of Wizard LiyuNature of the Ice Fox Lady
Strange Scorpion in WoodsPrimaryElder DongCure the Symptoms
Sword of ImmortalPrimaryHunter QiuToolbox of Hunter QiuTrue or False
Toolbox of Hunter QiuPrimaryHunter QiuFind TruthSword of Immortal
Trembling Beetle (quest)PrimaryOrchard Woman
True or FalsePrimaryLady ZexanSword of ImmortalCollect Pole Stone
Turn the CornerPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuGet Secret Golden Drug
Unknown DevilScenarioWizard Liyu
Vegetable GardenPrimaryVillager LisanReconciliation


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Tiger MountainStone CityBlack Wind CampBeauty VillageLaurel MountainSnow MountainWhorl Mountain
Vast MountainBlood MountainDai's FieldBlue MountainThunder RidgeSimen Mountain

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