Beat Down the Accessary
Beat Down the Accessary map
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Qi
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Mobster *30
Location Stone City
Rewards 4800 Experience
2400 Energy
14 Silver 40 Coin

Here come many mobsters committing crime in Mushroom Village. The aberrance appeared near here must have some relationship with them. They rely on those monsters to scare away the villagers and occupied the village. We are all children, and we can't be their opponent. <Player name>, can you help us?

Zhang Qi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down the mobsters who join in Jing Guang-ding to do bad things.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The entrance to the Mushroom Village is near here. Don't let the mobsters see you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you perish the mobsters? The future of our village is reposed on <Player name>


Accomplish DialogueEdit

These should be a person to punish those mobsters.

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