Battle in Wei's Village
Vital statistics
Giver Sun Nan
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Buddhist Monk Zhi Fei *1
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 6150 Experience
3075 Energy
18 Silver 90 Coin

Wei's Village is commanded by Buddhist Monk Zhi Fei. He has high gest. Mercy Temple will have no support if he is defeated. It is good for us.

Sun Nan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Buddhist Monk Zhi Fei in Wei's Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful. You should first perish the prentices around Zhi Fei.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go to Wei's Village if you are ready


Accomplish DialogueEdit

All the problems are solved. The battle in Wei's Village has gone to the end. We also did very well in the battle with Mercy Temple. All the evils will be defeated.

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