Battle in Rattan Cave
Vital statistics
Giver Stone of Sword
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Elite Aborigine Guard *8
Kill Elite Tree Man *8
Kill Ancient City Evil Ghost
Kill Golden Macaque Head
Kill Tiger King
Kill Aborigine Officer (boss)
Kill Evil Tao Beard
Level Guild level 1
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 3510 Experience
2925 Energy
17 Silver 55 Coin
100 Contribution points and Guild Prosperity

The evil force of Rattan Cave spread around Tiger Mountain. And the trend seems to expand to Stone City. We really hope some people stand out and help us. By finishing this quest, you can earn generous reward and increase the prosperity of your guild. Would you like to help us?

Stone of Sword

Quest DescriptionEdit

Finish the quest on Stone of Sword, contribute to your guild prosperity.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I have already placed the reward on the Stone of Sword, once you finish the quest you will get the reward automatically.

Ask DialogueEdit

<Player name>, go ahead!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You are so great. The reward are yours now.

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