Battle in Bamboo Valley
Vital statistics
Giver White Cloud Master
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Elite Flying Centipede *10
Kill Elite Flying Snake *10
Level 10
Location Bamboo Valley
Rewards 4620 Experience
2310 Energy
6 Silver 93 Coin

Flying Centipedes and Golden Horn Boas staying in Cloud Mountain and moved to Bamboo Valley for Evil Chieftain's power. I need to exterminate these monsters for the safety here. <Player name>, can you help me with that?

White Cloud Master

Quest DescriptionEdit

Exterminate Flying Centipedes and Golden Horn Boas in Bamboo Valley for While Cloud Master.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks for your help. I am right here waiting for your good news.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you finished the task I asked you to do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

These monsters escaped from Cloud Mountain. Now they got what they deserve.

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