Avoid the Evil in the Nunnery
Vital statistics
Giver White Cloud Master
Type Primary
Requirements Apotropaion Letter Apotropaion Letter *15
Level 10
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 4140 Experience
2070 Energy
12 Silver 96 Coin
Next: Flying Centipede (quest)

<Player name>, I will use a kind of witchraft which means my soul will go out of my body to see the aberrance in the mountain. But the nunnery will have no one to protect it then. I worry that some evil spirit will attack us. Would you like to do me a favor?

White Cloud Master

Quest DescriptionEdit

White Cloud Master asked the celestial beings to find the aberrance in the mountain. They need to hunt some bamboo snakes to get conjuration.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I need to put some protecting conjuration around the nunnery. And you should help me to hunt some bamboo snakes to get back the conjuration I put on them. These bamboo snakes are different from those which are aberrant. They are in the different places too. These conjurations are not very powerful when they were just wrote down. I put them on the bamboo snakes to release their fierce temper, and can also use them as tools to practice these conjurations.

Ask DialogueEdit

The bamboo snakes are at the edge of the Bamboo Forest. You can see them after you go out of there.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Have you get back in all the conjurations? I will go to put the conjurations. I also have some news from the Wounded Camp. Please go there to help the Apothecary.

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