The in game auction system is a way for players to sell excess items to other players. Speak to the Auctioneer to access the auction.


Auction search

To search for an item, click on the appropriate category in the search list and click on the search button.

Search criteria can be specified in the provided fields.


Auction bid

The Bid window lists all items you have placed a bid on with the current details of how much time is left on the auction, who is the current high bidder and the current high bid price. This allows you to increase your bid if needed.



Use the Auction pane to sell excess items. When you post an item to the auction, it is removed from your item box. If the auction succeeds, payment will be attached to mail. If it fails, the item will be returned to you attached to mail.


Auction tpoints

The T-Points pane is where you go to sell excess T-Points to other players. This is the only valid way to transfer T-points between accounts.

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