Attacked by the Wild Mules
Attacked by the Wild Mules map
Vital statistics
Giver Coward Aborigine
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Little Wild Mule *16
Level 12
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 3500 Experience
1750 Energy
10 Silver 92 Coin
Next: The Legend of the Numen

Two days ago, I was just picking some fruit at the place where they were having rest, but they chased me like they were mad. I had to run deperately back to the village... I have told you about this. Don't tell others... You know this will make me ashamed. Please help me. Those Mules are awful! You must help me to drive them away or I can't go there to fetch fruits.

Coward Aborigine

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Coward Aborigines to drive those little wild mules away.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Good! Since you have promised me, I can set my heart at rest.

Ask DialogueEdit

Are you ok? Just let them go if you can't defeat them. Just pretend nothing has happened


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha... those stupid mules were driven away? Good! I won't be worried about going there to pick fruits.

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