Vital statistics
Giver Fellow Liao Yi
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Fa-Yuan *1
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 7600 Experience
3800 Energy
22 Silver 80 Coin
Brass Ring Brass Ring

Mercy Temple used to be a famous temple with lots of pilgrims. But since the evil monks come, Mercy Temple became a dirty place. Here is filled with criminals. <Player name> if you want to have a try, I will tell you the direction. Fa Yuan seems the liaison of Mercy Temple. He is currently staying the Guest Room. If you defeat him, then you can broken their connection of them.

Fellow Liao Yi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Fa Yuan in Happiness Hall

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Happiness Hall is at the backyard, you can get there through the secret path at the corner of Happiness Hall.

Ask DialogueEdit

Don't let others know our relation. Or they will kill me.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Fa Yuan was defeated, it seems not far from rebuilding the peace in Mercy Temple

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