Ancient Vessel of Nature
Ancient Vessel of Nature
Vital statistics
Level 32
Location Guild Demesne
Map Coordinates
Ancient Vessel of Nature, the footstone of Guild Demesne. You can expend money here to gain your Contribution Value. The Contribution Value can be transferred to Guild Prosperity in the proportion of 1:1. Each member can gain 600 points of Contribution Value every day at most.

The Vessel is also a warehouse of the guild. Each member can donate gold and items and can check the warehouse, but only Guild Leader and Presbyter have the authority to take money and items out. When the Vessel level reaches 5, it will expand to 2 pages automatically.

After reaching certain Guild Prosperity, more Guild Building can be constructed and the building's level can be improved. Constructing Guild Building will cost the money in the guild's warehouse.


Contribution Value

"Please input the number you want to expend to gain your Contribution Value (Unit: Gold)."

Build Construction

Interface opens listing which Guild Demesne buildings are available, for which level, and the requirements to build.

Guild Warehouse

Guild Warehouse opens and players can place items or deposit money.

Obtain Guild Token

The Guild Token will allow any member of the guild to teleport directly to the Guild Demesne from any location in Talisman Online.


Level Upgrade costs
Level 1 comes with the Demense
Level 2 0 Contrib 05 Gold 1:0:0 Hour
Level 3 1200 Contrib 10 Gold 2:0:0 Hour
Level 4 1800 Contrib 20 Gold 3:0:0 Hour
Level 5 2400 Contrib 25 Gold 4:0:0 Hour

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