Ancient Statuary
Vital statistics
Giver Snake Head Witch
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Avatar of Snake Demon
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 3480 Experience
1740 Energy
10 Silver 80 Coin
Fighting Healing Potion Fighting Healing Potion (lvl 2) (x50)
Small Ruby Small Ruby
Previous: Mysterious Altar

We have got enough snake blood and the ceremony can begin. Do you see the symbol on the statuary? Touch it, and then receive our Snake Demon!

Snake Head Witch

Quest DescriptionEdit

Startup the Snake Demon statuary.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Touch the symbol and the Snake Demon will come.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Snake Demon will come every one period to train us. Any one who pass the training will have the chance to become the it's favorite.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It seems you have passed the God's training, good! Good!

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