An Old Friend during Childhood
An Old Friend during Childhood map
Vital statistics
Giver Little Tao Zhang
Type Primary
Requirements Letter
Level 18
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 2170 Experience
1085 Energy
6 Silver 72 Coin

I have been living alone for many years. Sometimes I really miss my family when I feel lonely. I miss the days when played with Zhang Qi and Zhang Yaoqin. They may still live in Mushroom Village. Can you send a letter for me to them?

Little Tao Zhang

Quest DescriptionEdit

Send a letter for the little Tao Zhang to his good friend during his childhood.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You should keep my letter well.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Zhang Yaoquing:

Ha ha! I have been waiting for the letter for a longtime! Thank you very much!

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