Adult Wolves
Vital statistics
Giver Villager
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Adult Wolf *10
Level 4
Location Sky Village
Rewards 960 Experience
480 Energy
2 Silver 88 Coin
Defensive boots by class:
Green Elf Boots Green Elf Boots
Blue Field Boots Blue Field Boots
Grey Cloth Boots Grey Cloth Boots
Rosebush Boots Rosebush Boots
Hill Finch Boots Hill Finch Boots
Next: The Power of Wolf King

<Player name>, Recently, some Small Wolves make trouble everywhere, but the situation has been better after being punished by the Prentice from the Monk. But the Adult Wolves come here to attack the animals and some single villager. Now the Adult Wolves are everywhere at the norther suburb of the Sky Village. Please help us to kill these wolves.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Ancient people said, it is father's duty if the children are not in good behaviour. Animals can't understand this, so you have to teach them a lesson. Please help us to eradicate the Adult Wolves at the norther suburb of Sky Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Adult Wolves are unlike Small Wolves. You should get ready very well before you start.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is the condition going? Please finish this quest.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ok! Now the Adult Wolves have learned a lesson. Here is a prize for you.

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