A Child Prodigy of Three Generations
Vital statistics
Giver Zhu Wen
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Peach Monster *32
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 6720 Experience
3360 Energy
20 Silver 16 Coin
Next: Go to See the Doctor

I was wounded because of incaution and now I'm here on the Laurel Mountain to ask for help. However, I was harassed by peach monster near the mountain road. Could you help me to clear the disgusting peach monsters since I was badly wounded?

Zhu Wen

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhu Wen to clear the Peach Monster.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It's really my luck to meet you!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you very much for your help. These are the rewards that represent my appreciation.

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